Lia ITZY Akan Hiatus Dari Promosi Karena Masalah Kesehatan

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Olret – Pada tanggal 18 September, JYP Entertainment mengumumkan bahwa Lia akan mengambil jeda dari aktivitasnya karena masalah kesehatan. Berikut pernyataan lengkap dari pihak label.

"Hello, this is JYPE. We would like to notify you of ITZY member Lia's health conditions and her participation in her future activities.

Lia recently consulted doctors after experiencing severe anxiety regarding her activities and was advised during her consultation to rest and receive treatment.

After much discussion with members, Lia will not participate in any schedules from now on and will instead direct her efforts to recovery.

Lia's return to promotions will be decided after in-depth discussions with members and Lia herself. We sincerely apologize to fans for causing concerns. We will update you as soon as Lia decides to return to promotions.

Thank you."

Menyusul pengumuman tersebut, Lia pun meninggalkan surat tulisan tangan kepada para penggemarnya mengenai hiatusnya.

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