Nabila Ishma : Emmeril Khan, Selamat Ulang Tahun Lelaki Terbaik

Nabila Ishma
Nabila Ishma
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Because it’s your special day, so Let me Write something about how special you are. I can say that the thing that makes you special is your imperfections. Behind a wise man who always share kindness, there is you with your clumsiness who always forget where did you put your stuffs and you with your dirty habbits who can’t manage to keep your things clean. All those imperfections make me realized how perfect you are as who you are and my love formed gradually from it. A eril, we all know that person like you, deserve a perfect place in the heaven.

I send you tons of prayers and loves above the sky. May Allah always protect you and give you the warmest love.

Anyway, as your request, me and @camilliazr made an apple pie for youu! But we still don’t know yet how does it taste. Hopefully it will taste good because it’s your favorite cake. Let us try it todaaay!! ???

Komentar Warganet

Unggahan yang dibagikan Nabila Ishma tersebut pun langsung mendapat perhatian dari warganet. Sampai saat ini, unggahan tersebut juga sudah mendapatkan suka sebanyak 379 ribu kali lebih.

"Happy birthday a Eril, bahagia selalu diatas sana yaa! Al fatihah.. buat ka Nab you’re a strong woman, kaka kuat semangat!❤️", ungkap netizen

"Senengnya liat pembuktian ini, makasih zara. Happy bday Eril Al Fatihah. Dan Nabila hatus jadi mentri ❤️", tambahkan warganet lainnya

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